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God's Deeper Than Their Shallows 

by Linda Crate 

the rain is falling
from the sky
in silver bullets,
and i wonder what
made heaven
there's so many reasons
i can think of,
but they always say to be positive;
and whilst i think it is good to
embrace the beautiful in life
sometimes even heaven cries so don't hold
it against me if i have a
bad day—
some days i am brave enough to face
when all i want to do is crawl
further beneath the
and i have considered whether or not
it was worth it to keep this job
because it makes me so miserable;
yet bills don't pay
sometimes i am just tired of this place
it's a goodbye town with nothing but churches
and bars
i don't drink much,
and i believe in God but not churches;
too many people try to twist God into someone they
can understand but i know He's deeper
than their shallows.
- linda m. crate

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