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by Anna Rozwadowska

One crushes watermelon, seeds, not the heart, 
not the heart what in humanity tears us apart, so?

What genius of mind atmospheres of dissolution from love
transcendence of mind, energy swirling between beings moving
the dance of lovers and thinkers alike, philosophers and writers alike,
what tears us apart?

Words and intentions define the human race,
the space stands still if we say no more the beauty of one’s face
returns innocence to the skies, relinquish your control beast,
let humanity become what it needs to be; perfectly free;

I am with thee, with thee,
my soul sets me free my inhibitions set me free
I am the river that moves free beneath the golden sun,
while you run, you run


Tell yourself a tale of what once was, for you lived your scenario,
loved exchanging minds, written stories from two hearts,
the very things that tears us apart; set yourself free, move towards me,
flower, intricate be,
you are you and you are me,

we are essence, essentially.


Let not our glow dissipate beneath the sun, I am one, you are one,
come to me under the sun
fear be gone I am lore and you; the escape of my being,
creating together splendid, pleasure.


Refuse the quarrel, give into me, I hold you so very tight,
refuse your might, it senses your longing let go into me,
set yourself free, age not in this world ephemeral between stars,
what we lost no longer applies,
I am the joy that escapes you, you are the fine line between the skies,
I am alright with losing myself,
If you join me,



Skurtur Design & Illustration.jpg

Image by Skurtur Design & Illustration

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