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Chapter 2 


Red Dress Wolf.jpg
becoming the wolf 
by Tianna G. Hansen 

I become the wolf through viral infection

a swipe of claws, a bite deep in the throat

& soon I am Other, slipping inside this fur

like an ancient creature. bones pop

& howl through my skin / I grow larger,

more frightening / sharpened fangs; 

crouched, looming like the beast I’ve always been. 

these golden eyes hold the secret 

to my transformation, living by

the tug of nocturnal nightmares

stalking through tall grass.

the full moon makes me become

something more fierce than human flesh

I am the wolf, destined to fight off

all the hunters with sights trained on me.

awaken with bloodied fists curled

against my chest, tufted with fur

twigs in my hair & blackened feet / mud.

my transformation, as usual, not fully complete

I always have a bit of wolf inside me

lingering deep / waiting to strike

the full moon makes this morphosis

more defined, lifts my snarling snout

into a chanting howl / a declaration to 

all that exists within me, & all that is yet to 


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