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Time Fetches.jpg
Time Fetches 
by Paul Brookes 


Watch yourself as it'll soon be time

that the tall hawthorn hedge

that bars you from other worlds

becomes thin this season

in it's cloud ghosted ditch

so folk from the other side

can bleed through to ours

and you'll see these weird folk

walk outside your door.


Burn a candle in your home

and light lanterns, jack o'lanterns,

candles outdoors to show

the weird folk, spirits and all

the direct way back. We don't

want them to detour where

they are not welcome. Respect them

and they'll respect you.


This night light a fire

 in your hearth

 to protect yourself

or better yourself.


Write on a scrap a paper

 a part of your life

 that you wish to be rid off,

such as anger, a baneful habit,

 misplaced feelings, disease.


Throw it in the flame

so you may lose

that part you're ashamed of 

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