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The woman,

newly become a wraith, 

walks among the stones.

Seemingly lost, yet looking 

for something she vaguely remembers


during this dimming day like all the others,

this oncoming night, resembling many long past.


What she wishes to find does not come easily to her mind

yet is all consuming on her psyche.


The weight on her heart is painful,

but she must continue,

for once she sights it, she will have tranquility,

after so much searching.


So she seeks, seeks, seeks…..


Ah, there it is

set in the ground.

So common looking

like all the others.

Yet, this one is special 

because of him.


She digs and digs down into the earth

knowing she will once more finally touch him.

50 years of searching

and then she takes him into her arms,

this tiny thing,

once again to love him as before. 

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