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Wolf Hungry.jpg
more wolf than woman 
by Tianna G. Hansen 


even in dreams my feet race

through woodlands, breaking twigs

beneath each step, trees flying past

as I run, heaving breath into lungs, 

pushing faster. legs burn with heat

heart pumping like a hummingbird 

begging for relief. even in dreams I 

gasp, claw, pounce & roll. I wonder

if I am now more wolf than woman.

it becomes harder to hold back my wild nature

find myself baring teeth on the sidewalk

hackles rising on the back of my neck

becoming something vicious, villainous


I have lost myself to a Wolfen nature 

dominated by the call of the Moon, its willpower

I hunt, prey on many victims, weak and 

trembling in their soft skins.

my fur bristles at the thought of weakness 

as I come alive at 3am, my own beast

trapped in a world of wickedness 

visitor of the night, captive to the evil thrill

of my heart thrumming to its body’s vibration 

of my soul, the hunger of a wolf, the taste for 

blood, a dark desire inside myself

I can no longer deny. 

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