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Wolf Top.jpg
by Tianna G. Hansen 


when I die, bundle my bones 

burn this human husk to ensure 

the wolf part of me is dead, too.


take my ashes and bury them 

in the woods, where I was happiest

sprinkle them along the creek


so I become one with the bubbling 

waters where I used to drink, long tongue

lolling from my mouth, & where I bathed


in half-wolf form, crystals of water 

clutching at this changing skin. 

I will exist always in the wind 


on a full moon where my howl rises 

to fill the stillness within you. cry of

the wolf, the call of wild that screams 


inside all of us. my spirit will always

race between the trees like one endless 

thread, a redness that returns in fallen leaves. 


About Tianna 

Tianna G. Hansen has been writing her whole life, born in the desert but now thriving in the woodlands of PA. She founded and is EIC of Rhythm & Bones Press (, focused on turning trauma into art. Her debut poetry collection Undone, Still Whole explores how trauma survivors can reclaim their bodies, channeling the power of goddesses and witchcraft to heal. Tianna is also part of a three-poet opera A Victorian Dollhousing Ceremony where she takes on the role of The Firebird. Find more of her published work at or follow her on Twitter @tiannag92. 

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