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Autumn Cascade Falls clip.jpg
Cascade Falls 
by Ronald Tobey


Cascades Falls’ tumbling tumult

Seventy feet down of limestone,

Cold bite of the spring melt

Water’s chaotic free fall,

You could not resist its call.

Forest Service warning on a sign

Stated it was illegal to climb,

Promising prosecution and a fine.

You laughed at the Feds’ heavy hand,

It was after all the people’s land,

But people were not to be found.

There was no one around,

Only you, and Daphne, and me.

You stripped off your clothes,

Trim farming figure proudly to show

And carefully climbed, hands in holes,

Feet leveraging crevices slim,

Up slippery ledges to rocky rim.

When at the top,

You turned, and laughing,

Thrust your arms aloft. 

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