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Subzero Dulzura 
by Z.M. Wise


Salutations to my Winter Girl,
falling in love under generations of snowflakes.
You do not melt like the rest, for you
persist and resist with beating hearts of ice.
Take us to Nether Land where the only
heat lies between the pillars guarding the
Ivory Doorway of Transparent Cream.

Tell me how you love to dance, my Winter Girl.
Pirouette and swan dive into the lake of ballet.
Balance gives you the well-rounded perspective you desire.
Your happiness is all I require.
I smell dentine honey beneath your vertical lips,
forming a pool of honesty in which we wade in.
A toast to the Thousand Dances of Vulnerability!

And through Skokie, we roam,
back to our village home.

What cause are you fighting for, my Winter Girl?
They see you as an abominable creature,
but I hold your hand as we stand in unified validity.
There is only one and his beard made
icicles into weaponry…howling winds sans noise cancellation.
There is only one and her rainfall of snow
promised you temporary eternity.

And as I lay you down to sleep,
one last wintry kiss for us to keep.
Spring’s rebirth attacks the spirit and
over your absence, I join the quarter year showers to weep.

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