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Loki Mocks his Father 
by Z.D. Dicks


Loki booted open the mead hall

stated magic is effeminate

bowed low with eyes raised

teeth bristling at Odin

the warrior assembly nodded

chuntered through flagons

as boars at a brook

while Odin curled lip corner


Loki circled drunkards

denounced being bound

submissive in rope

worked at both ends

how spells are syphoned

and divinity gushed

to live on skin

rubbed in as shimmer gloss


Odin tapped throne arm rest

fingered bush beard

while Loki thrusted knife story

of how divinity was milked

that no real man would submit

his thread of fate

to be spun and twisted

by a more forthright woman


Loki worked his glamour

over sleep black eyes

and goose fat mouths

while Odin observed Frigg

silenced, she scuffed back her chair

swung fruit from a bowl

quelled barbs, and swallowed

darted her eyes from Odin

to bleached rope and smiled

as Loki lost his voice 

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