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Time for Change (A Haibun) 
by Karen Mooney


Looking back, I’ve always been good at starting things. The gym, the exercise bike that now acts as a clothes horse and that flexible stick thing for your bingo wings.  It looks like modern art propped against the wall.  Maintenance always seemed boring compared with the enthusiasm I could muster for the new. 


The end of year always provides opportunities to cast out the old, habits included, and bring in the new.  Should it be taking rarely worn clothes to the charity shop, organising paperwork, introducing a healthy regime; the turn of the year always seems like a good time to start.  And, even if you don’t maintain, isn’t it better to at least start and harness all that enthusiasm and rush of adrenalin that accompanies a new idea.  A bit like how winter strips back, rests in order to prepare for spring, we can do that too; perhaps it should be seasonal changes that we strive for; that may be more sustainable and I should be more resolute. 

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