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Winter Wheels Roll Backwards 
by David O'Nan


Winter Wheels roll backwards.

Christmas was eagerly awaited

Behind us like a sneak

We held hands

Twisted in leaves

Watched the sun form ice

Bells of the season began ringing

We let our eyes be the season

We buried Autumn’s fears in the snow

Began to dream the familiar holiday dream

Sipped warm cider as thieves walk by

Waiting for the comfort to solidify this mortal coil

A real fantasy

The season can unite

Ugliness with the dynamic

The love of a mother

With the spite of a father

This season of Silver Bells…the business

The hype

The green money spending of families

This season of crowded sidewalks

Shopping bags

The weight of wanted love and acceptance

The awakening of high school Janitor Santa Clauses

Temp agency reindeer

The School Spirit Elves

The lights of the city are intoxicating

The snow was meant for us to walk through

Never intended for vehicle transportation

No mix of the mud and oil in the purity of snow

White, so pure

And for a few minutes

I began to believe an Earthly Heaven

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