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Haunting, Lugubrious Symphony 

by Christina Ciufo



White crescent moon peers through the black curtain,

                                                its’ pale complexion turns scarlet,


                                                                         illuminating irreligiousness and oppression,


                                while the deadening hour looms. 


                                                                        Grand horned owl’s golden eyes shimmer.


                                Flocks of crows caw a witch’s song.


Faint violin strings strum.

                                                Piano keys play a phantom’s lugubrious symphony.


The howling wind carries the leaves and voices of the dead.


                                   A black cat tiptoes.


                                              Moans, wails and scratches are heard


                                                                                 from sealed mausoleums.


                                                        White-waxed candles.


        Petrifying aroma of decaying flesh, wet moss and wine permeates the


                                still air.


        Black, decaying roses and wilted baby’s breath blooms and caresses


                                           against the tombstone’s taciturn, grey skin.


                              Marble busts of stoic, wealthy men slowly turn and lower their




            Specters with white hollow faces and black eyes appear in the mirror’s reflection,


                                                roaming, roaming and roaming,


                                                            haunting within the irreligious, decaying manor. 

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