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Funeral Carriage 

by Christina Ciufo


Eight thunderous hooves

against charcoal, cracked stones,

evoking their macabre precession

for naïve strangers whose faces turned

pale with dread.


Fern wheels below,

slowly circulating

its raven, long rectangular



Pure rectangular glass

showcasing a tranquil, onyx coffin,

erupts dread, making the heart rapidly palpitating

from an irreligious, macabre, oppressive

presence, slumbering within.


Velvet raven and mulberry

curtains with golden tassels tied

presenting the decease’s promenade

lavish taste.


Bouquet of scarlet roses and baby’s breath laying upon

its polished lid, drained of their vivacious

beauty and life by his navy undead lips,

pressing lightly onto its sleek surface

while he slumbers.


Hovering on the carriage’s side, a wielded silver plaque



*Le beau célibataire qui a désiré le vin écarlate appelé Blood*


*French – “The beautiful bachelor who desired the scarlet wine called Blood.” 

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