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BROWN ROOM IN The White House 

by Hokis

Part IV

In MY house.

They move towards the attention they seek.

Familiar way of connecting,

or, perhaps the familiar ache for connection.


            Political satire.

            Women in bathings suits.

            Alter boys.

            TVeaspoon sized playgrounds.


            Rightness Anger.

            Truth in politics

            Truth from death.

            {Truth, I do the same}

In MY house,

           I ache for marathon ears.

           I ache for exposed eyes.

           I ache for vouchsafe hands.

           For not waiting until death do us part.

I don’t seek reporting.

            new(s) fallacies

            and the hushing of trickster dicks

I seek to share stories.

             ME stories.

             YOU stories.

             WE stories.

In MY house

           I no longer wait.

           I listen and speak from MY soldier hip,

                                                                                          in MY inside’s

                                                                                                     outside voice. 

This piece was previously published in Caustic Frolic: Liminal Spaces; May 2019.

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