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by Hokis 

Dedicated to the shared dream space of Travis and Christine Young Kelly.

I believe

animals know things, and often because

they are looking out for the one homosapien

who honors what they know.

In there is some Him,

in there is some You,

in there is some of the Third Entity that still exists

in the absence of One.

Morning gold, on the face, is the perfect

daytime pause in the story of the

moon shadowed visitations of the

the hoofed, tailed and winged ones

following the scent of longing, arriving

only for those who create safety for their

Third Souls to find rest.

About Hokis

Hokis ,n., /hō/kēs/ 1.  Armenian for “my soul“ or "my beloved.” 2.  First born American to Armenian Immigrants.  3.  Adopted by American family.  3. Survivor.  4. Poet.  {connect via Tw, In, or Fb} 

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