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Chapter 1 


He and Him 

by River Rivers 

‘He’ waited on the pier platform for two long hours for ‘Him’.

‘Him’ never came so ‘He’ left.

That was last week.

This week ‘He’ waited some more.

Only ‘He’  thought ahead this evening and brought his phone and earbuds to keep himself company.

Kevin Abstract’s song ‘Empty’ was playing on repeat.

Like the lyrics ‘Him’ wanted to play sports for a D1 school, while  ‘He’  wanted to be a pop star. That shit was hitting a little too close to home for ‘He’ so it was turned off.

It didn’t matter.

Tonight, ‘He’ didn’t have to wait at all for ‘Him’.

Except it wasn’t the ‘Him’ ‘He’ wanted.

This wasn’t his love, this was an ocean colored rebound.

About River

River Rivers is an emerging Native American writer from Southern Oregon. He spends his time with his two adopted Pitbulls, Gemma and Murphy. Somehow in between their chaos, he finds a time for work and fiction. His most recent stories are currently featured on and set to appear in Literally Stories, Who Writes Short Shorts, TallTaleTv, Snow Leopard Publishing and the Drabble Dark Anthology.

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