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Post mortem photograph 
by Martina Rimbaldo


                    This night is abhorent night


                    You were precious to me


                    And now you are sleeping


                    Angels are singing bitter sweet melody


                    Thats ringing in my ears


                    But you cant hear nothing






                    You are laying in bed like a little porculain doll


                     Who s breathing  no more all i have of you is a


                    Post mortem photograph






                   I cant abandon you now


                   I cant let you go its too painful


                   I cant abide this pain is pulling me deeper in sorrow and solitude






                 You were layng there in bed like a little porculain doll


                  Whos breathing no more and all i have of you is a


                  Post mortem photograph




                 My prayer book does not help me this time


                 Can hear the bells ( saying hello to your imortal soul)


                  For your drige


                  Im not prepared for a moment of our goodbye


                  But i hope i will see you again when my time comes


                  You will be waiting for me with a smile on your face




                  Goodbye my sweet pale porculain doll


                  Sleep peaceful in your frozen marble thumb


                  i will leave a candel light to keep your poor soulless body warm


                  until  it fades or rises again


                  sleep my darling infinetly


                  snooze your soul once animated by power tools




                  all i have of you is a post mortem photograph

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