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Useless Information 
by Patricia Walsh

Crying over a non-starter of a boy.

Sharing drivel with the unresponsive.

Expecting respect of an obvious failure

circulating around type to increase standing

too much to write, perfect misunderstanding

everything is find for the infinite clouding.


Knowing when to wind up, over breakfast

option paralysis is too much for anyone,

reflecting on a good coffee, select endeavour

photographed misgivings given a welcome home

under cover of candles stupefied on the table

notoriety guaranteeing the best seats.


Not having to slip through holes in the darkness

a certain winter creeps through the window

bloodied once a month, needing more of the same

skeletal books waiting for the moment to spend.

Clogging the park over vehicles abiding

bad reviews take shape, a poverty perpetual.


Reaching for the wall socket, kicking out in time,

the constant beverage sleeping on the job

too good to wash bone, hitting a particular wall

rising on inquisition a similar diary

promoted with a conscience to something good

asking for promotion now a common goal

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