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by Patricia Walsh

Waking up confused, an onerous strife

Between rising and robing a sweetheart deal

Negotiated between reputation and desire

In time to dalliance on another’s timetable.


Bus within spitting distance, unfolding heats

Roundabout journeys are always the best

Staring at landmarks to its final destination

Cutting through traffic lights a done deal.


Semi-precious stonehears envelop the buiding

Good to have, bad to need, rediscovering luck

O another’s misfortunes, sanitising hands

On exit,egress, a ritual worth keeping.


An alphabet relearned continously.

Reminders on breaks a conscientious folly

Shunting boxes into neat concatenations

Watching one’s back in due process.


Pedestrianised licence calls the shots

Falling inlove with routine, however brief

Tailor-made to eat into association

Reputation is kety, glad to feel delighted.


Poisoning onself on a meal ticket

Praying for permanence where intended

God’s punishment overdue, answer my prayers

While my coffee grows cold, time permitting

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