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Guns and Ammunition
by Patricia Walsh

It was brilliant, covering a latent sin

That steady burning lasting the distance

Carefully eating away at your psyche

Visibly shaking for a proper assuage.


Sitting down with coffee is a done thing

Equalising problems with an occasional sip

Bleeding through caffiene and a level head

A gallery of dissent covers our mistakes.


Sleeping over time, engulfing the phone.

Betraying indolence in a savage voice.

Like Dostoyevsky, never correcting his work

Fools for sleep, stern warnings abide.


Circulating around streets, a dusky song

Never revealing the nature of my words

Lock and key dynamics is a close dynamic

Calling on microbeads to resucitate.


Cosy as it is, it is not the destinction

Hoped for, nor anticipated rightly.

Safely home through a myriad of legalities

Prison through entitlement a just cause.


Fear, for what’s in it, never abates,

Hitting through satiety, a merry-go-round,

Oppressing family through righteous fire

Planning detention in a familial gaze.

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