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Flickering Husk 
by R.J. Calzonetti 


Heavy metal Armageddon courses through the incorporeal chords of an iron heartbeat, the cables plugged into oblivion, crimson rhythm of autotuned hallucinations


When I exercise, my demons, they only grow stronger


I’m only cross with those I crucify


Restrained in the dark


Estranged is my heart


The strings of the orchestra in my chest an extraterrestrial ambidexterity imperatively

triceratops of apocalyptic ventriloquists that are distancing infinity


Manipulating alliterations that scream guillotines of gears interwoven tears a myriad of cable clad cadavers overthrown mitosis genomes


The edge of my heart is as fragile as glass shards, sharp as a blade, serenaded arrogance an amputation of spirit from the chimera machine raging condensating bloodstained hatred emulated from the sacred revelations of dilapidated afterimages


I'm a basilisk of cataclysms risen from the prison of dread beheading a circumcision’s aneurism





The sun shines on my exoskeleton, bright with the enlightenment of monochrome metronomes singing oblivion, metal devils celebrate malevolence as it emanates from the disgraced forsaken


My euthanasia nomenclature hallucinations are photogenic psychiatric catastrophes cardiovascular Rorschach’s


Patterned with over-exaggerated mavericks who sabotage auditory mitochondria argonauts of diabolical electroconvulsive impulses


These intercontinental evangelicals, their melancholy philosophy a lobotomy’s colonoscopy psychotropic falsehoods impulsive exodus




Microorganisms metamorphosis into solace gone totalitarian

Hysteria megalomaniac rhapsody’s castaways' mayhems constellations contaminated matriarch of immaterial atmospheric tyranny peering through the looking glass


Of refractory zodiacs primordials traffic sociopath of blitzkrieg aftermath intergalactic acolytes with the transmogrified photosynthesized incinerating incandescent biotechnology of

incorporeal astrology chronologically divulging symphonic polymerization glazing complacencies in the face of aether machinations




I grow agoraphobia phantasmagorical in the orifices of my corpus, Morpheus, of steel ethereal, cyborg cornucopia, the strands of data eradicated


My iron soul stricken to shapeshifting ellipsis, the totalled exordial the hangman, a doppelgänger of onomatopoeia my skull thick obsidian slithering through prime meridian Olympia of electric epidemic cosmologists of apologist's omniscience 


My forbidden rhythm shivering Yiggdrasil of umbilical silicon the robotic Solomon enthralling mitochondria to the hyperbolic sovereignties


The night left my soul metamorphosized a disciple to hermaphrodite lycanthropes dystopian misanthrope


My flesh shed, withered, deliverance, and the blood ran like a child from a shadow on the wall


And that shadow became I


The child faded into this fire


Inside the tomb of metal sheet, no equilibrium


The chill of a million heartbeats rang like a bell under the church of metallurgy


The defibrillator gave me a head start, have heart, have lunacy, one unity


Become a shell for a bullet, casing this joint for another shot at life on the run




I've been lead astray, on the astral plane of my suffering


Vengeful for Armageddon those who seek a heaven resonating through the steel heart discarded by martyrs disembodied dichotomy walk the path to solitude


Become a light to burn the seconds, kill some time with me


Let the smoke carry the disease like the breeze gleeful


Deceitful ash, kleptomaniac of souls burning internally


The iron soul murmuring bloodcurdling


The steel demonized by the hammer, shaped by it


The shattered need a husk to gather, Amaterasu


Amputated catalysts cadavers turned to satellite slices of life


The asylum violated by the siren of silence, the ringing polygamy of hate


The love of stitching obituaries, tempestuous epilepsies rejecting by the rippers of



Pick the flower from the field, dig for the root, give its flesh to your lover, grow your own form

of truth


Because when we all burn, melt to iron, violets, psychic snapdragons ripped from the stem


The little pieces are whole again


In their decomposition


The petals rend infinite, by cremation, bury them, carry the chains that keep us one with life


I want to be free,


Like a flower that was never stepped on by man


Metal sentiment for a skin that has been burning like the wallpaper of a maelstrom


I call home, the iron soul’s inferno


Immortal is Death's resurrection




Reincarnated from when Death used to live my existence


Before it became envious of me


And stole me as a trophy


Because no one wins anything in life


One has to take what you can never have


To receive compensation for their greed


To give your all to steal this world


Insanctuary for a sanity of lifespans mangled by humanity


Damned by our division


Crowded crows without vision


Alone in God's grimace, no pity


Souls rotting redefined by cities like grapes on the vine


Smiles and spines, sunshine, pride


Why is this flickering hope so cold inside?


Is the wicker not alight, is the dark still bright?


A husk or scythe, dusk's twilight vice nurtured, deserted by virtue


I want to accept you, but I've called with no reply, I'm out of time


I don't have a message to give, just words reemerging


Should I walk the fine line, or run away from life


I'm so broken, do I cast the die for the last time?


The final rhyme? Murder the tune intertwined?


Open the door to my heart, I don't want to be a husk of a memory


I was never your enemy, just an empty cemetery with a fire forging my spirit


Tired of respite, take back my life


I want to be heard, the sound of mind never turned for the record


Darkness will show me the light, give back my heist, redemption


My tongue has been earned, I give you my word serpentine


Give me another chance, in this alabaster glasshouse


Until death, rustling my last breath like the fallen colours


Decayed mementos of yesterday's sunray


Left me alone and afraid


A shell in a cage, a light flickering in the shade


And the shadow it made


It stepped into my nightmare world


And I realized I was a machine's daydream 


About R.J.


R.J Calzonetti is a Canadian born poet with an Italian, Irish, and Scottish background. He has been attending poetry slams for several years, and inspired by the beauty of words, decided to write his own poems. Within three years of writing since age 19, he has written nearly four-hundred different pieces, some of them being short stories, and the rest poems. He also wrote an unpublished novella and composed his own music before switching over to poetry. R.J is diagnosed with several mental illnesses and spent years struggling with depression, living in hospitals for two and a half years to receive treatment and medication. Along the way, he lost many of his skills, friends, as well as his physical health. Eventually, he nearly gave up. These days, R.J is trying to give his understanding to others with mental illness. He volunteers to help adults with disabilities learn or relearn how to socialize in a group setting with a local organization. He is working to get a degree in Social Service Work, so he can better reach out to those with similar problems. Rather than take away from his writing, his illness fuels it. Giving him a strange style that reads as abstract. He is a two-year finalist at the Burlington Slam Project in Ontario, Canada. He is reaching out to new avenues, hoping to share his work.

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