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Vampiric Moon 
by Christina Ciufo 

Thin grey clouds

veil the night’s raven hair

submerged in scarlet moonlight.


Haunting, elegant light

radiates through a mausoleum’s crypt

and onto a stone coffin, awakening

the vampire, my lover, from his stone slumber


My soul submissive

My flesh bathed in Black Delia sulfur aroma

My heart palpitates for his impious hunger


Specters with melancholy pale faces

and tattered, bloodstained clothes roam

through the cemetery grounds


Marble saints and angels hover over

the slumbering dead, protecting

their Earthly bodies from his corrupted perfection


Tombstones with withered names are draped over

with moss and mildew are chipped and decayed

by centuries


Wolves howl their solemn, phantom song

within the howling wilderness


His marble skin

His transparent blue eyes

His sinister grin


The full scarlet moon

illuminates its disturbing, hypnotic glow,

singeing and breaking the iron chains


His sharp osculate

upon my bare breast


He swallows my humanity,

like my blood streaming down


I yearn for him

I yearn for him

I yearn for him 

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