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The Magician
(Tarot Major Arcana 1.) 
by Laszlo Aranyi (Frater Azmon)

First verse-embryos.  Fantastic spirits

     from sinister witchcraft.

(Sober idiots! Idiot poets!)

     And the nadir: sober poets; two-legged horse's whatsits the lot of them…)

Thus did the maker awaken to his own creativity,

and the ever-ongoing psychedelic dervish-dance gave birth to things akin to poems.


A work of art: wizardry. (Even the word is hard,

     hears, feels. Embodied Akasha-wing.)

     The fifth in four, in forms the agent that lays bare



(Spasm epitaphs, fake Morgenstern gallows-songs,

in the crumbling-decaying

divine witchcraft of the flesh… Incidentally, I have been

a "body-washer- poet" to this day…)


But the immovable has stirred;

     the assassin-vigilance of ecstatic jihad.

To face the multitudes!


Creation is the revolution of the Chosen One.






                                                        Translated by Leslie A. Kery

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