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For Sale by Owner 
by Madison McSweeney 

it's in a good neighbourhood
close to schools; shopping;
and that school isn't boarded up to contain the horrors within,
and the shopping centre isn't filled with fruit that has been left to decay

since it was abandoned years ago.

the house is well-preserved
in denial of the realities of life and death

and fits quite tastefully in with the rest of the neighbourhood.

the yard is spacious and perfect for children to frolic
until the day they mysteriously disappear

and return with vacant eyes, their days of play behind them.

and the landlords are very attentive
you may hear them moaning at dusk;
and they'll check up on you with a note in your window,
"We saw what you did"
finger-traced into the dust.

none of the creaking you hear is anything to be concerned about

just the spirits of the previous occupants

whistling through the pipes.

also, no packs of roving wild dogs
howl their desolate song to the moon at all hours of the night
but unfortunately there's only one bathroom
and the next door neighbours refuse to take down their wind-chimes
which can get irritating on windy evenings.

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