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Our process is pretty simple.  You can submit any of the following: 

Art - 3 piece maximum 

Fiction - 5 page maximum 

Non-Fiction - 5 page maximum 

Poetry - 5 page maximum 

Screenplays - Don't go overboard 

Other - Dreams/Ideas/Dark Fantasies/Complaints/Etc. 

As long as your work fits the current theme, it's all fair game. 

Current Themes:

#NewYearNewYou New Year's Resolution Haikus - Deadline is 12/30 (Open to previous TrulyU contributors only) 

#WinterTraditions - Deadline is 12/31 (Open to everybody) 


What you shouldn't submit: 

Someone else's work - I think we've all heard the story of that author by now... 

Confessionals - If you've committed some sort of heinous crime, we don't want to know.  

Porn - Literotica will happily take your submissions for that. 

Jerk Work - We're not going to publish trash talk.  


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