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Placed in the Sea 

by Linda Crate

the ocean was a blue green

in the prettiest shade

of teal,

and i remember it was cold;

but i couldn't be stopped

i was going to


i caught myself singing an original

song in the sea,

and i couldn't help but laugh;

there's a reason they've always called

me mermaid

they can't be mad it came true—

i watched everyone as they

scuttled about on the sand

everyone seemed to fit in,

but i knew in the water was where

i belonged;

because i've never been like them

having my perfect niche among other people—

everywhere i go i am always

the odd woman out,

and so i turned away diving into the sea

where gulls magically floated on the water without

having to move a feather;

i knew this was where i belonged

so i didn't protest my place in the sea.

- linda m. crate

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