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Aurora of Color 

by Gerry Kramer 

When the poles whiten like fire
An illumination prepares to inspire
Lakes of light in the nighttime sky
Illusion the blind who’ll no longer cry

When the ice caps melt away
Freezing over to the nearest bay
As the stars, the sky and the glowing moon
Destin to play nature’s best tune

Like a blazing comet in the sparks
Spreading the sky in dancing arcs
The earth gazing up with adoration
As it’s taken in spiritual transformation

During the time when the lights are out
All but one source dares not to shout
For it will only attract a few for fun
Until it’s time for the rise of the sun

About Gerry

Gerry Kramer is a writer, musician, programmer, and learner.  He started reading and writing at an early age.  His other artistic passions/hobbies are composing music, programming Scratch and Alice creations, and some others.

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