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Image by Mandy Tsung

Come In

by Anna Rozwadowska


Come inside, thrive in my chambers inside the inside deep within,
sit at the table stare into mine green eyes,
I am human; generations of the celibate fourth,
my confidante I invite you into my generosity; your curiosity

feeds me, I need no water to thrive it’s your art, it’s your craft,
that is my deepest desire; speak to me in your deepened words,
emanate from the heart, I will be yours.


At your disposal, we tread through snow metered walls,
watching crows circle our forest, discussing ancient meadows,
spirits of animals, I heard the coyote howl, 
you hear my voice return the call,
I walked through the woods, disappeared in the forest where I was free,
just you and me.

Feel me, feel me, amber divine your essence so fine,
invite me into your splendor and you shall be mine


I decline, I am fine as you grow in concern, dilated pupils,
I float through time, you shall be mine never a being of thine
pull me closer, in, I only watch your turbulence as you grow
into your inner being, you glow at the pen that writes from within,
I glow from the glow, pull me in.

Creature of mine, you are woven so fine; threads that separate
are no longer thine, I long for your spine the curvature of skin,
let me in, green eyes grin, entrapment to be your art,
we dive in, we dive out, we are within, we are without.


Dine, I shall be your muse, amuse me, petrify me, I shall be 
the one who sets you free my hunger drives the nine nine nine,
hungry of mine, dine, my feast is yours you will paint on mine;
create me, sketch me, daunt me, in me, grasp me, 
we set each other free, you and me at zero nine,
in the park, watching the sky fly by

I am your muse,



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Image by Ryan Townsend

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