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Dreams Asunder 

by Anna Rozwadowska

I dream awake, petrified if dreams take me over the well-trodden bridge
in the accompaniment of speeding vehicles,

privy to salutations from beyond,
numeric formulations, 1919,
I am certain they are ancient truths
opening fountains of knowledge graciously passed over; Anubis,
prepared for the forthcoming in evening dress attire,
situated in tombs of emperors I shall know their name,
scarabs, I dream awake of ancestral traditions, 
I partake in the sanctities of the hills, rolled over by gold and incense
Frankincense fills the pungent air,

I am prophet, witnessing over bodies under bridges of light,

to the highest places in the heavens, prisms realized,
I witness the ascension I ascend yet taken back into the physical realm,
magicians playing games with a foolish incarnation of the 9th,
please my inhibitions and satiate my boredom inside,
transcribe my illusion yet do not masquerade; I transcend your illusion,

take my pride, I collide,
I collide.


I am a chosen vessel, yet, I cannot speak the language of pharaohs.

Seduce what marvels before me, dreams speak and overtake humanity,
in dream state I am awake, finding myself in ditches sprawled in fields of hay
having understood the river Nile, the occupants and strife that conspires
to have me drift asunder,
I drift asunder, I am lifted above the earthen thunder,
philosophers as beggars, I am prince of the parted waters,
a color of pomegranate when I enter the sacred den of holy water.


I have only begun the procession of awakening,
moving beyond continuums of space and time, 919,
a thumbnail in the sketchbook of the under,
take me asunder, asunder, deeper than the thunder,
I have only begun to transcend my illusions,
there shall not be any confusions
I am Master of time, moving beyond the light, the dark, 
the gaps in between.


Meet me there, we are moved in the shallows,
perhaps, eternity is the beloved as I move through my illusions,
my confusion,
your confusion

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