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reason to remember 
by Linda M. Crate


you made me invisible

as a ghost,

but if you don't expect me

to haunt you

like it's all hallow's eve

you're obviously on something;

because for far too long

you've been hunting me—

it is my turn to shoot the arrows,

my turn to shatter you;

to feed off your misery and your pain

until you feel as if there is nothing

left in this world for you—

i drowned in your lust

giving you a love you would never


you hid behind your lies and your insincerity

left broken promises as your bread crumbs

not even the birds devoured those;

your voice still whispers to me in my most

lonely of moments but i know you're long since

forgotten me—

i will come back on dark wings of nightmares

give you a reason to remember.

-linda m. crate 

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