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Black Cat Purple Eyes.jpg
of black cats & people 
by Linda M. Crate 


black cat crosses my path

all hallow's eve is coming,

but black cats have always been

kind to me;             

i see it as a promise of better

things to come—

one friday october the 13th

a black cat found me,

giving me more love and affection

than some of the people

i know;

was told i was a witch

because cats always approach me

even when i don't know them—

but i think animals know

more than people,

and they go to the places where

they're loved;

i am not afraid of black cats

fear the monsters known in mankind

they bite harder than vampires,

more savagely than werewolves,

haunt more deeply and darkly than ghosts;

i trust a black cat more than i would any person.

-linda m. crate 

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