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Pumpkin Queen 
by Elizabeth Kemball

Pumpkin Queen




  Knife cuts through autumn orange                             a jagged circular entry point,

fingers scooping earthy smelling seed                        onto the wooden kitchen table.

I spoon out the soft flesh                              until this thing is hollow



black ink
marks out the
surface wounds


Two uneven eyes, a triangle for a nose, and curved slit of a mouth —
I breathe life into emptiness with the flicker of a candle flame.
God and creator, a pumpkin queen.

Pumpkin Queen.jpg


About Elizabeth


Elizabeth is a writer and illustrator whose work has featured in Black Bough and Iceberg Tales. She was long listed for the Nightingale and Sparrow 2019/20 Chapbook series. She is an Editor and Designer for the online zine Re-Side and currently being mentored by award winning writer Mari Ellis Dunning. 

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