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Wolf on the Town.jpg
blood & chocolate 
by Tianna G. Hansen 


         “I had the taste of blood and chocolate 

in my mouth, the one as hateful as the other.”


                        ~ Hermen Hesse, Steppenwolf


the iron taste of blood in my mouth

like chocolate, melts down my hollow throat.

after many moons spent racing through forests

I have mastered my craving for blood, heat

the taste of human like chocolate - a delicacy, 

divine. I feel relinquished after a kill

as if by being evil, I make up for all the good deeds


the devil races through my hotblooded veins

beckoning me to join him, to maim

and murder the innocence that lingers

in my soul. I must have a baptism of blood

holy and ripe. freshly cultivated for my tongue

alone. this wolf inside me will not be sated

it yearns for flesh of men and women,


it yearns for more than first requested

begs for a new beginning, crawling from

the womb cavity half-wolf half-woman

the way I was always meant to be born 

& born again. 

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