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About Us 

Christina "Tina" Shane 

When she's not staring off into space waiting for her next novel idea (pun intended), you can find Tina at  her local bookstore buying even more books that she'll never read, in the kitchen burning water (true story), or at the gym watching other people work out.  She's currently working towards her MA in Communication Studies though she has no idea why, since she's not a very big fan of communicating... at all.  Aside from running a website, she is currently working on her first novel, as well as a children's series with her son, Aaron.  

Jaymes G. Jaymes  

Jaymes is a military spouse and mom who enjoys anything, just so long as it is outdoors.  Most days you can find her in her garden, on her bike, or by the pool.  She's a big fan of Thai food, digs experimental music, and her favorite authors are Joyce Carol Oates, Toni Morrison, and Barbara Kingsolver. 

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