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by Hokis

Love is a word I leave for myself.

I am grateful for you,

my mirror honored for the reflection you trust enough to share.

Spider sense tingles,

I might lean in for a kiss, today

 {perhaps tomorrow}

Present presence,

Perhaps a red delicious lover

 {but not a core}

Care for my darkness, even in the light

 {with no bite}

you could be awarded the single jeweled crown.

Though, I have no urgency in lifting the glass exhibit case.

If I don’t follow the progression,

If I dishonor the quivering,

closed-throat moments

heart racing moments

wishing it were over whispers.

            Incumming! Incoming!

                         Seeds of arsenic

                         Taste the darkness

                         I sunk my teeth in too deep

                         Awake with anger

                         Cues of havoc

                         In my honored private place.

                                                                                           It’s time to rest, don’t feed the evil Queen.

                                                                                                              {I am sorry she poisoned you}

                                                                                                    It’s time to rest, forget all we’ve seen.

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