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BROWN ROOM IN The White House 

by Hokis 

Part III


Trump’s White House.

            Where tricks are turned for dicks and

                          souls for phallacies


           Permission granted - forced -

                        {BROWN ROOM. BROWN ROOM.}

                                    {{remember. remember.}}


Nixon is the decade’s distraction.

The abstraction of the world’s ailings, dosed down to

the TVeaspoon we can swallow and still keep down.

Gets us just angry enough, but not angry enough.

It happens in that little box we can turn off.

In that other neighborhood.

In that other house.

In that other person.

Nixon distracted people.

Nixon killed my cat.

Nixon raped me.


24-hour news

Pocked sized TVeaspoons

“Likes” and “Friends”

Trump. (the decade’s distraction)

            The resulting cognitive dissonance

                         silences alter boys

                         and children in cages

“Be quiet and wait.”     They will say.

“What happens in the meantime?”  I reply.

            MY ears turn towards the sounds inside

                                                                           MY House,

                                                                                                     {inside ME.}

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