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Dangers of the Occult 
by Martina Rimbaldo

When the light dimes 

Glittery Dark silk vail  falls upon the sky 

Silver Moon ablizes  the  book shelf  

Where your books ,sound asleep ,collect 

dust touched by the moonbeams turns into magic spell 

casted by the  white  fingers and black nails of the charmed girls  abading  inside the craters of that same silver moon Sheakspiere  Characters live their tragic lives once again :


Desdemona -Murdered by  jelous  mind ,steel heands all her breath away takes ,forces her last to take the  main stage.

Ophelia- blury river stream instead of the thumbstone blush gerbers above her flout

Romeo and Juliette –Heartbroken ,slaved by forbiden love , together their souls  go to heaven meanwhile their corpses intwined  remain foralways in the death hug  


Life wrtes most tragic scripts they repeat in fantasy, in reality limitless of space and time 


One  finds self  fed up , cornered in desperation seeks any help one may find .


From the Acient Gods with questionable existence,hidden mountain caves ,hearths with caldron hanging from the wooden beams , underneath heated with flames of fire some are boiling green , others  burgundy shade bubbles depending on their content based on  grotesque ingrediens which makes your guts turn sending shivers down your spine .

You are in fear … but still you look upon shelfs , filled with book spells ,magic  crystals ,natal charts of every zodiac sign painted by witch hand ,of visitors who ever visited this place, small apotecary bottles 

 Frog Saliva , bet feces, goat ears , cameleon thounge , wings of fleas , fish eyeballs , fox blood , human infant brains …Jars with shady liquides hearts bathed within …Ugh!!! Overwhalmed by fear and chills one runs away ,it is a must if one does not want to bring more trouble upon itself .

Black cats run towards you with sharp fangs sticked out in order to harm you ,to stop you from runing away only fortunate ones do .Above all , they must pass trough the forrest filled with marbel statues with fear frozen on their faces, mouth ,eyes wide open .I hope disstresed passengers do not know they were human beings …real humans who did not managed to escape the cats fangs .


All that sight makes you realize there is only one salvation of us all , He is a God  and the human in one ,his symbol is the cross, where his flesh was nailed and torn apart …for us.

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