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Trick or Treat 
by Ronald Tobey 


Liquid heat in October late

Sweet with aroma of decay

Pouring over us like warm candy,

You laughed at your perspiration,

“Ripe, hot, and fickle”.

You anticipated this unseasonal day

Love in the barn, a three-way

Atop newly mown hay.                                      

Your girlfriend, trick or treating,

Driving from farm to farm

Her SUV of princesses and goblins

And giggling croaking little frogs,

Moon light evening last,

Left a lurid kiss of orange lipstick

Atop your breast flashed 

At the front door,

A promise you extracted

For today, fun and more.

Was I going to be audience

Or was I invited to dance?

You would not say,

But, striking a Halloween pose,

Promised play. 

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