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I see the future

And see myself rising from

The palest ashes 


~ Neel Trivedi 

A Year Together and Apart

Love crossed an ocean

as if she manifested

from my wildest dreams 


~ River Rivers

Plant a sunflower

or two even more



~ Colin James

A new calendar

makes so many promises

until it's opened. 


~ Jesse Bradley


It is the same. Still

different. Complete. Lake-Mirror:

Green moon as island. 

~ László Aranyi

Night wraps around me

a cloak of fur and sweat, bone

becoming the wolf 

~ Tianna G. Hansen

I keep two faces,

nerves gazing back and forwards

onto long, clean seas. 

~ Thomas Heath

Tongues craft oaths, hope drifts

across midnight's equator -

promise sets our sails 

~ Ankh Spice

Magic exists you know –

Resolved to share mine this year:

Stories from the heart. 

~ Carman C. Curton

letting the past die

galaxy far, far away

no drunk dialing 

~ Justin Karcher 

Cold midnight moment

Severs past night from future day

Repeat, reinvent 

~ Carys Crossen

A bowl full of luck

Black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day

It’s a Southern thing 

~ Linda Imbler

May I discover

every gift brought to me

during this new year. 

~ Joan McNerney

Next Year's promise is

to submit poems and stories

to cracking journals. 

~ Mark Anthony Smith 

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